Bit Holders

In today’s manufacturing facilities, maintaining productivity while dealing with increasingly complex design requirements is essential. Bit holders allow your team to quickly switch between a variety of fastening attachments on the go. To complement our lineup of bits, APEX manufacturers a comprehensive selection of bit holders, including:

Magnetic bit holders —A magnetic bit holder uses powerful magnets to fix a bit in its driving position, even when facing straight down. Magnetic bit holders are an economical choice that offers the flexibility to adapt to changing project requirements and other conditions on the ground. APEX manufactures magnetic bit holders in all commonly used sizes and configurations, including Yankee type and screw shank.
Quick release bit holders — Quick release bit holders are easy to operate and offer greater security than magnet-activated units. To swap out one bit for another, simply push forward the knurled sleeve to release the existing bit and replace it with another bit. Quick release bit holders are available in Hex drive and a variety of other configurations, in all standard sizes.
Quick release chucks — Quick release chucks offer secure connections and come in a wide range of sizes. Designed for faster and easier bit changes, quick release chucks are ideal for aerospace assembly.
Custom Bit Holders

Our current range of bit holders is diverse enough to meet the requirements of customers in nearly any industry and application. If you can’t find the right product for your needs, please contact our office directly. We have advanced in-house fabrication capabilities and will design and manufacture a custom bit holder that gets the job done right.

To find out more about any of our capabilities, please contact an APEX sales representative.
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Download Our Catalog

Download Our Catalog

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