Reinventing Cordless

The CellTour features Cleco's newest innovative cordless assembly tools!

The Cleco CellTour is an interactive product showcase roadshow that features Cleco's innovation in cordless technology through a unique tool demonstration on wheels.

The vehicle is equipped with a self-contained product demonstration space, as well as a designated CellCore Challenge area.

The CellTour Challenge allows participants the opportunity to complete a series of time tightening applications using the latest Cleco Cordless Electric Nutrunner tools.

The goal of the challenge is for the participants to not only score the fastest time, but more importantly experience for themselves what makes Cleco Cordless Assembly Tools the best option for their operators and assembly lines.


The CellTour truck will be based in Lexington, SC and travel throughout the eastern United States, April 1, 2019 through October 31, 2019, visiting key customers and product distributors along the way.

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Download Our Catalog

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