Predictive & Preventative Maintenance

Cleco Care Maintenance isn't Just Prevenetative – it's Predictive.

Our data analysis helps our team predict the longevity of your tools based on your exact use-case, which gives us an informed estimate of when a tool will wear down or break. Unplanned downtime can ruin an assembly line’s efficiency, but with the ongoing tool maintenance of Cleco Care, you can count on our experts to keep your line running. We use a value-based service concept that outlines when tools will need maintenance so you can plan your factory time for greatest efficiency.

cleco care employee examines tools at work benchGoing Above and Beyond

In the event of a functional failure or a tool needing critical repairs, turn to the Cleco service centers all around the world.

  • Cleco Care’s high-throughput centers can restore your equipment to working order in an expedited process that takes just days, getting you back to full operation faster.
  • Cleco Care has a global commitment to our partners, and part of this commitment is our consistent, standardized maintenance procedures that get your line running again as quickly as possible.
  • Cleco Care’s preventative maintenance program gives you an easy way to extend the lifetime of your tool, prevent assembly line downtime, and prepare for potential failures using our data-driven system.


Upgrades & Retrofits

cleco care technician prepares a tool for measurement process qualificationImproving Cleco Tools with New Advances in Technology

Cleco is constantly researching and developing opportunities to upgrade and retrofit your existing Cleco products. Our upgrade kits incorporate the latest advances in technology for generations of legacy tools. Retrofits improve efficiency, limit downtime, and increase cost and energy savings.

Improve the accuracy and capabilities of your existing tools by working with a Cleco technician to identify opportunities for retrofitting and improving your tool system.

Examples of Customized Kits Include:

Kits for 2.4Ghz Cleco® LiveWire™ Tools

To improve your Cleco® LiveWire™ tools, opt for a 5Ghz retrofit kit, offering a new Memory Chip and Dual Band Antenna system. Following the upgrade, our Support Technicians also preform machine capability tests (MTCs) to test the accuracy and correct calibration of your tools.

With a LiveWire™ upgrade, your tools can:

  • Achieve faster connection to the WLAN Network to increase productivity.
  • Operate on 165 channels to guarantee trouble-free tool operation.
  • Use the updated Memory Chip for quick tool exchanges.

Upgrade kits can improve the accuracy and capabilities of your existing tools. Contact a Cleco® sales or service representative to identify opportunities for retrofitting and improving your tool system.

Kits for Legacy mPro Controllers

Retrofit your Cleco® mPro400 and mPro400 controllers to the mPro400SG with our controller upgrade kits. These kits provide a plug & play multi-way connector to incorporate the new interface, which is housed in either a large or small cabinet door via an adaptor frame. You can also add additional E-Plan and software modifications to your kit.

Our controller upgrade kits provide:

  • New functions to increase your tightening system’s efficiency and performance.
  • New components with guaranteed spare parts availability.
  • New technology to lower energy costs.
  • A similar but improved interface, which lowers employee training costs.
  • Up to a 75% lower installation cost than a new tool.


Repair & Refurbishment

Extending the lifespan of your Cleco tools

Cleco tools thrive in the demanding environments of high-volume assembly lines, where our partners choose our products because of their long-lasting durability. No tool lasts forever, however, and eventually even a Cleco tool will need repairs.

Repairtwo cleco care employees analyze tools

  • Cleco Care’s certified Support Technicians can inspect our tools and provide a full evaluation.
  • Our specialized test equipment means that we identify problems more accurately than third parties, and all of our repairs are made with OEM parts.


Cleco Care also offer a refurbishment program that can extend the lifetime of your tool for a second production cycle.

  • Refurbishments can improve your tools’ functionality and performance, which leads to longer lifespan and further protection of your investment.
  • Our sales experts can recommend any upgrades or modernizations, customizing the right set of equipment for your situation and budget.

Repairing or refurbishing an old tool can improve your line’s total efficiency – our data-driven approach gives us unique insights into the particular usage of your tools, allowing us to determine the ideal refurbishment options to meet your individual needs.

To begin the repair process, view Cleco's instructions on How To Return a Tool for Repair, or contact a sales or service representative.


Testing & Verification

Calibrating Cleco Tools for Accuracy and Precision

Quality production performance relies on tools that continually achieve exact manufacturing specifications. To ensure Cleco® tools meet your highest standards, we focus on three major areas of testing and verification:

Measurement Process Qualification

We conduct measurement process qualification for a variety of Cleco® tools. Your precision torque and angle measuring equipment must be factory calibrated to fulfill your quality demands.


Our Service Technicians conduct machine capability tests (MCTs) to certify that your tools are correctly calibrated for maximum performance. MCTs are often performed annually or following machine repairs and predictive maintenance.

Performance Verification

Performance verifications (PVs) assess the stability of your production processes. Our analysts perform PV tests directly on a fastening point with the recommended parameters, as well as on your tool’s original production parts and equipment.

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Download Our Catalog

Download Our Catalog

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