Cleco Corded Electric Nutrunners

Quality tightening solutions for every application

Cleco NeoTek Corded Electric Nutrunners - the next generation of smart tool solutions

Increased productivity, improved quality, and reduced downtime with real-time, data-driven results.


Cleco NeoTek - 1 million accurate, repeatable, maintenance free cycles.

Engineered to last also means engineered to perform.  Precision-hardened and ground spiral cut bevel and pinion gears equals zero preventative maintenance for 1 million cycles.

By providing class-leading repeatability of 2.0 Cm/Cmk @ +\-7%, NeoTek is not only maintenance free, but worry free. The 1,000,000th rundown will be as secure as the first.


Cost-effective solutions for quality critical applications.

Cleco 18-48 series corded assembly tools are driven by a maintenance-free brushless motor. This motor technology coupled with our high-resolution resolver offers full range control for safety critical joints. The 18-48 series tools offer industry-proven gear trains for outstanding, durable performance. 

Cleco 18-48 series nutrunners provide a unique modular assembly design for ease of repair. The on-board intelligent memory chip records tool set-up values and counts cycles for maintenance scheduling to prevent costly production downtime.


Workstation control with global integration.

The Cleco Hybrid Controller features a large touchscreen with an intuitive software interface that supports industry standard protocols, fieldbus communication, and the ability to manage up to 16 tools, cordless and corded*.

Programming can be done directly from the controller or via a remote network connection, and the configurable architecture allows easy integration with your MES system.

Cost effectiveness is increased by simplifying system installation and decreasing complex process modifications.

Automotive Industry Solutions

From component manufacturing to final assembly, we have the tools and expertise you need to solve production challenges.

Agriculture & Off-Road Machinery

Our durable tools build even tougher equipment. From agricultural equipment to off-road machinery, wen can help you build it.

Cleco is a global leader in manufacturing, delivering world-class assembly solutions for over 120 years.

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Download Our Catalog

Download Our Catalog

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