Cleco Dotco® Precision Surface Preparation Tools

Designed for operators. Built for production.


Use top-quality, precision components and motor assemblies to deliver unmatched productivity.

Manufactured from the finest materials available, Cleco Dotco tools deliver efficiency and precision. When it comes to fine finishing applications such as die grinding or de-burring, no tools are better suited for the job than Cleco Dotco grinders. Our reputation for durability, dependability and versatility is among the highest for fine finishing applications. Designed for the toughest work environments, Cleco Dotco material removal tools are built for your industry’s most demanding projects. 


Designed for operator comfort and productivity.

Cleco Dotco grinders are designed with the operator in mind: Small, lightweight and comfortable to use, without sacrificing durability. Plus, they incorporate elastomer coatings, and perfectly balanced moving parts to keep vibration to a minimum. This optimal combination of tool characteristics allows the operator to focus doing the best job possible, in the least amount of time.


With interchangeable parts, you can rely on a single tool for a range of industrial applications.

We design versatile tools with interchangeable parts to make our products more affordable, easier to repair, and faster to use. Cleco Dotco sanders, buffers, and polishers are available in a variety of styles and power ratings to provide flexibility in choosing the best tool for the job. Disc sanding and polishing, wire brushes, buffing wheels, abrasive sheets, woven or non-woven belts. No matter the application, we have a quality tool solution.


High performance for high-volume, high-repetition tasks.

Cleco Dotco drills have long been the industry workhorse for daily high-volume, high-precision use in applications ranging from appliances to aerospace manufacturing.

Be it aluminum, steel, titanium, composite, or wood, many industries require hand-drilled holes and Cleco Dotco offers some of the industry’s most durable and reliable hand-held drills, available in pistol, angle and in-line configurations.


Appliances, Electronics & Industrial Assembly

No matter how big, small or intricate your manufacturing task, we can help.

Automotive Industry Solutions

From component manufacturing to final assembly, we have the tools and expertise you need to solve production challenges.

Intelligently designed, easy to use and globally supported, our focus is anticipating and exceeding your needs.

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Download Our Catalog

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