APEX® Assembly & Fabrication, a fixture on global assembly lines, celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. Originally established as APEX Machine and Tool Company in 1933, the product line included drill chucks, friction chucks, reamers, floating tool holders, and ball type universal joints.

Under the leadership of Carl Lange, the president and one of the original owners, APEX® built strong relationships in the Detroit automotive industry. Through these connections, Mr. Lange arranged a meeting with General Motors to discuss their new Phillips recess design intended for their Cadilac cars. Recognizing the potential of this screw type, Mr. Lange obtained License #2 from the American Screw Company, which held the patent for the recess, to manufacture Phillips Screwdriver Bits.

Recognizing the demand for fastening tools in the emerging pneumatic power-driven equipment industry, APEX® management focused on developing accessories such as sockets, screwdriver bits, and universal wrenches and extensions. This strategic decision made APEX® a preferred supplier to power tool manufacturers who sought durable, high-quality accessories to ensure uninterrupted assembly line operations.

In 1960, APEX® Machine & Tool became a wholly owned subsidiary of Gardner-Denver Corporation, a leading manufacturer of air compressors, rock drills, pumps, and other industrial products. Subsequently, the company name was shortened to Apex®.

In 1967, Apex® achieved another milestone by developing the first Torx® tools for Acument® Technologies, which has now become a global assembly standard. Today, APEX® is one of the largest suppliers of licensed Torx® tools, surpassing 55 years of expertise in this field.

In 1979, Gardner-Denver merged with Cooper Industries, a diversified manufacturing company specializing in tools, hardware, drilling equipment, automotive parts, and electrical and electronic products.

In 2010, Cooper Industries and the Danaher Corporation joined forces to create a joint venture by merging their respective tools divisions. Eventually, this new venture was sold to Bain Capital in 2012.

In 2017, APEX® underwent a rebranding and became known as Apex® Assembly and Fabrication Tools. This was also the time when the tagline "BECAUSE THERE IS A LOT ON THE LINE" was trademarked. Apex® is a trusted assembly line tool where the cost of failure is significant. Production lines worldwide rely on our quality and durability to ensure smooth operations.

Throughout the decades, the APEX® brand has introduced numerous innovations that have revolutionized production lines in America. Our design teams led the development of iron band universal wrenches, combination sockets, and u-GUARD™ safety and anti-mar products. These innovations have improved efficiency, speed, accuracy, and safety, benefiting not only automakers but also heavy-duty industrial production. As the world shifts toward electric technology, Apex® remains at the forefront by creating eShok Guard isolated adapters to protect employees from dangerous electrical currents.